About Us

About us

The Canada Infrastructure Bank is a Crown corporation that operates at arm’s length from government. Crown corporations are distinct legal entities established by the government to pursue public policy and commercial objectives. We are headquartered in Toronto and governed by an independent Board of Directors.

The Canada Infrastructure Bank uses federal support to attract private sector and institutional investment to new revenue-generating infrastructure projects that are in the public interest. By engaging the expertise and capital of the private sector, we will help provide more infrastructure across Canada.


The Government of Canada announced plans to establish the Canada Infrastructure Bank in its 2016 Fall Economic Statement. It is part of the government’s larger Investing in Canada infrastructure plan.

The Bank is a new tool that provincial, territorial, municipal and Indigenous government partners can use to access innovative financing for revenue-generating infrastructure projects. We aim to attract private and institutional investment to such projects in Canada, which will help public dollars go further by leveraging the capital and expertise of the private sector.

The Bank model builds on Canada’s mature public-private partnership market. The public-private partnership model is used to transfer certain construction and operating risks to the private sector. The Bank will foster partnerships between the public and private sectors where infrastructure projects are funded primarily by revenue from infrastructure usage.

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